Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Faste's Review of Creative Strategies

Back in 1989, Rolfe Faste drew up a one page document he called Review of Creative Strategies which was used as a handout in one of the design classes at Stanford. His son recently posted it in one of the online design discussion groups and it was so good I wanted to talk about it here.

Faste made major contributions in the fields of human centered design and design education. He was a professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Stanford Joint Program in Design from 1984 to 2003. 

I'll be working on this for a while...

1) Hard Work - Usually comes first.
2) Create a Supportive Environment - Invest in yourself.
3) RELAX - Even Dream - Tap your subconscious.
4) Brainstorming - Express/Test/Cycle
5) Lists
6) Metalists - Lists of Lists to make lists of!
7) Metaphorical Analysis - Atribute matching
8) Idea Logs + Drawings
9) Humor - The pleasure of making new connections.
10) Conversation - You have to talk to people.
11) Forced Transformations - "Checklist Solitare"
12) Synectics - Analogies and Conflict
13) Diagram Physical Process - Time/Activity/Flow
14) "What if?" - Have an enabling attitude.
15) Design Making Matrix - 
16) Working Backwards
17) Storyboards
18) How-Why Diagram
19) Nasal Thinking (Jim Adams)
20) Mind Maps
21) Meta Summary - Visual Thinking
22) Diagram Yourself

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